The investigation continues into the attack on Sen. Rand Paul. The assault left the Kentucky Republican with several fractured ribs and a bruised lung. The newest CNN report says that Paul and his neighbor hadn’t spoken in years but also hints that Paul might share in the blame for the assault that left him injured:

Interesting spin, CNN:

It’s confusing because CNN’s reported both that Rand Paul hadn’t talked to his neighbor for years, and also that Paul’s been feuding with him for years. Here they are in shot/chaser form:

So which one’s the apple and which is the banana?

CNN throwing all that at the wall to see what sticks doesn’t exactly live up to their new “Facts First” slogan.

An adviser to Sen. Paul shredded the “long-running confrontation over landscaping” reports:



WHOA: Man who assaulted Sen. Rand Paul could face FEDERAL charges

Apple or banana? Look how many retweets CNN WH journo’s #FakeNews got vs. the correction