New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke to reporters earlier about the terrorist attack in Manhattan yesterday. Specifically, the governor and mayor tried to make it clear they didn’t want to politicize the attack:

Well, OK, they started to politicize it a little bit:

After saying the attack shouldn’t be politicized, Cuomo and de Blasio followed up comments about the attack by slightly changing the subject:

Apparently Cuomo and de Blasio don’t consider taking thinly-veiled swipes at the NRA and Republicans after a terrorist used a van to murder several people to be “politicizing” the situation. That shameless shift in subjects didn’t escape others who were watching the press briefing in NYC:

Their praise of NYC gun control in the wake of a terrorist using a van to kill is shared by a certain New York Times columnist.



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