This spring Michael Moore had an idea for a Broadway show aimed at bringing down President Trump. The show premiered in early August but obviously has fallen short of its stated goal:

Well that didn’t take long:


Via the Wall Street Journal:

Film director Michael Moore may have arrived on Broadway with the self-professed goal of taking down a sitting president.

But in the end, his politically liberal-minded show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” which closed this past weekend, failed to wow at the box office.

In its 13-week run, including a preview period, the show had ticket sales of $4.2 million, according to, a theater website that tracks grosses based on data from the Broadway League, a trade group. That figure represents only about 49% of the show’s potential gross.

The WSJ also reports there’s a chance Moore could later take the show on the road, so get ready, California!

Ending because there aren’t enough ticket sales sounds like a very capitalist thing to do.