Watch out, it’s on:

Jimmy Kimmel responded to one of President Trump’s recent tweets this way:

The Daily Beast and Grabien were among the outlets that noticed deafening silence from late night “comics” when it comes to the Harvey Weinstein story, so Donald Trump, Jr. thought it was worth mentioning to Kimmel:

Kimmel defended a lack of late night show mention of the scandal this way:

So disgusting it wasn’t worth mentioning on his show (or even making hypocrisy jokes about the Dems)? Kimmel responded to Trump Jr’s reply about Weinstein by turning the focus back to Trump:

Nice deflection! Many have expected more from the “America’s conscience.”

We’re not sure if the late night “comics” will find time to mention Weinstein in the coming days, but jokes about Trump Jr’s reaction might be in the works.

Fact check: TRUE: