One photo surrounding the relief efforts in Texas that’s made the national rounds is this one, which originated from the Katy High School football team’s Twitter account and has been shared by many outlets including Fox News:

Via NBC4:

Staff at a Texas high school in an area hit hard by Hurricane Harvey took a moment to recognize first responders for their efforts Tuesday.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the campus of Katy High School is being used as a staging ground for military troops sent to the Houston area to help with relief efforts.

Thursday, the Katy Football team posted a picture to Twitter showing an entire hallway filled with sleeping troops.

Nice story and compelling photograph of first responders, right? Well, something happened:

@KatyFootball explained why they felt compelled to delete the photo from their Twitter feed:

The deleted tweet featured the above photograph with the words “Inside of Katy High… these are the real heroes. Thank You for all that you do.” And of course somebody took offense to that? Unreal.