Before the election, Newsweek was so confident in a Hillary Clinton victory that they had 125,000 commemorative “Madam President” copies printed up. Those magazines ended up being recalled after Trump’s win, and the editor explained what happened:

How could that be?

Newsweek political editor Matthew Cooper said Wednesday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the magazine’s issue, which incorrectly anticipated a Hillary Clinton win, was not produced by Newsweek but by a third party.

“Well, no one on our staff wrote that,” Cooper said. “Again, we subcontract out to a company.”

Host Tucker Carlson asked why the issue was sent out to newsstands after having been proofread by Newsweek editors.

“Well, we didn’t, and that’s part of the problem,” Cooper said.

In that case:


For anybody still triggered by Hillary’s loss, Newsweek has offered dispatches from an alternate universe where she won the election, though we’re not sure if anybody from the magazine has actually read them.