There were shootings of police officers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Ft. Worth, Texas late last night.

In Phladelphia, officers were ambushed and there were multiple civilian casualties in an attack that started after a man approached a police car and started shooting. The first officer target was shot eight times:

From the Philly Voice:

A Philadelphia police sergeant was ambushed and shot eight times by a gunman, who then shot a University of Pennsylvania police officer and four other people seemingly at random in West Philadelphia late Friday night.

The gunman, who has not been identified, was shot and killed by police near 48th and Sansom streets, authorities said during a press conference shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

A female bystander who was shot has died from her injuries, according to 6ABC.

Five of the shooting victims were in various conditions, but still alive early Saturday morning.

The motive is hatred of the police:

In Ft. Worth, Texas, two officers responding to a suicide call were shot. One officer is in serious condition and the other has been released from the hospital:

Will certain NFL players take time to reflect on this as they take a knee during the anthem on Sunday?