Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber claimed he made a “speak-o” in a couple of addresses from 2012 when he told audiences that Obamacare subsidies would only flow through state exchanges.

Those videos came back to haunt Gruber after an appeals court recently ruled that Obamacare subsides are illegal in states with federally run exchanges.

Yet another video of a Gruber “speak-o” has been discovered. This one is from later in 2012:

In the video, Gruber said “we’re going to have 50 different exchanges” — one in each state. No mention of a federal backup for states that didn’t set up their own exchange. Add another one to the “Gruber vs. Gruber” stack.

Gruber’s sales pitch to convince states to get moving on their own exchanges continue to bite both him and the Obama administration while they’re arguing for the legality of subsidies for states that have federal exchanges.



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