One theory that’s been put forward in an attempt to justify Bowe Bergdahl’s suspected Army desertion is that perhaps his platoon was full of “psychopaths.”

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, is also floating a similar scenario:

Pelosi awaits an Army investigation of a platoon she’s already deemed “dysfunctional”? Pelosi was apparently referencing a Rolling Stone article published in 2012 titled “America’s Last Prisoner of War.” The article was written by Michael Hastings, who died in a car accident last year.

Tweeters wanted to know what solid evidence Pelosi had to justify her “dysfunctional” platoon allegation, among other things:

A reminder for Pelosi and others floating the notion that Bergdahl might have deserted because his unit was “dysfunctional”:

One explanation, Christine Pelosi-style:




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