The person responsible for the social media feeds for US Airways is indeed probably having a horrible day after tweeting out a response that included an incredibly inappropriate photograph.

Here’s a version in which the photo, featuring a naked woman and a toy airplane, has been edited. US Airways’ Twitter feed sent out an unedited version:


Oh. My.

US Airways eventually deleted the tweet and apologized:

The company might want to re-think being involved in the whole social media thing:

The airline might also want to consider distributing complimentary eye bleach on subsequent flights:

If you were lucky enough to miss the original, unedited photo US Airways tweeted, here are two cleaned-up versions:

Snort! Glorious mockery like that makes the emotional scarring worth it!

What’s the head of US Airways doing right now?


Something to consider, U.S. Airways:

Hopefully the company takes that under advisement.



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