As Twitchy reported earlier, Patrick Cannon, the Democrat mayor of Charlotte, N.C., has been arrested on corruption charges, and many media reports avoided mention of his party affiliation.

Cannon has submitted his resignation letter:

The Associated Press reported Cannon’s resignation, but apparently deemed the “Democrat” part to be unrelated information, because it doesn’t appear in their story tweet:

Editor’s note:

The AP story contains the word “Democrat” in the 2nd paragraph. The sentence prior to the AP’s tweet in this post has been corrected to reflect that and we have removed a sentence that incorrectly reported that the AP did not mention Cannon’s party affiliation.

The headline of this post was originally “Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Patrick Cannon resigns; AP still keeping party affiliation close to the vest.” We have changed the title to “Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon submits resignation letter.” We apologize to the Associated Press and our readers for the error.