There had been buzz all afternoon that some Senate Republicans were on the verge of agreeing on an unemployment extension. Now, a deal has reportedly been reached which would provide Harry Reid a filibuster-proof compromise thanks to help from five Republicans:

More details from National Journal:

The bill is paid for by extending customs user fees through 2024 and a process called “pension smoothing” that allows employers to reduce their payments to employees’ pensions. The final agreement would not prevent individuals from collecting both unemployment and disability benefits simultaneously, as previously proposed by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.

The bill also reforms the overall program asking state and federal agencies involved to determine why an individual remains unemployed and offer potential ways that the person can improve their prospects for finding work. It would also prevent millionaires and billionaires from receiving the benefits.

Five GOPers are reported to be on board the “compromise”:

Some of the momentum from the David Jolly win in Florida might have lost a little steam already:

The timing could play out just right for the Dems as far as serving as a demagoguing opportunity heading into the home stretch for the November elections:

That is, if the full Senate does indeed pass the compromise and then it passes the House, which remains to be seen.