Will MSNBC’s Ed Schultz have a say in how the Dems run their campaigns next year? According to Schultz, he’s been approached for advice about how to spin Obamacare. Schultz claims he’s telling them to embrace the law.

Video below with partial transcript:

Schultz: “I have spoken with a couple of congressional Democrats in recent days, and they have asked me, ‘what do you think we should be saying right now?’ And I’ve said, It works! That’s all you have to say, it works! And it’s only going to get better. Prices are going to go down and more people are going to get covered. They oughtta be excited to be going home for the holidays, because you see it’s been more than two months since Obamacare’s rollout and more people are signing up more than ever. The website problems have been fixed and the numbers are starting to show just that.”

Republicans are probably hoping that all Dems up for re-election next year seek advice from Schultz.