As many as it takes to get it right!

Lady Gaga was doing her best to help the Obama administration get the word out about Obamacare to her over 40 million followers.

In Gaga’s first tweet, the photo was turned sideways. Can you spot another error?


In addition to the photo being sideways, Gaga was also sending her followers to instead of

For her second attempt, Gaga fixed the picture but hadn’t noticed the URL error, and again tweeted out the wrong website address:


That tweet was also soon deleted, but Gaga, sensing she was on the edge of glory, gave it one more try and actually got it right:

As far as site functionality, Gaga’s followers might have had better luck signing on to the “wrong” website.

The White House gave it a re-tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 2.59.26 PM

Everything about Gaga’s photo screamed “sign me up!”

Yes, but perhaps Gaga was painting too optimistic a picture.