Not long ago, Media Matters’ one-man Obama administration spin machine, Eric Boehlert, was turning cartwheels and helping to push the rumors that Cumulus was going to dump Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. In the case of Limbaugh, the supposed upcoming dumping was due to advertiser backlash.

Hannity did not end up re-signing with Cumulus, and reportedly had harsh things to say about the company. For Boehlert, Limbaugh re-signing with Cumulus debunks Hannity’s alleged claim, but Boehlert seems to forget that half of this story debunks his own previous orgasmic assertions that Cumulus was going to dump Rush:

Shorter version: “I was wrong and that makes Sean Hannity look foolish!”

Flashback to late July:

The appropriate sound effect:

But wait, there’s a new desperate angle. This guy’s a laugh a minute:

Got all that? If Limbaugh wouldn’t have re-signed with Cumulus, that would have been Boehlert’s proof that Rush has fallen. But Limbaugh did re-sign with Cumulus, and now that’s Boehlert’s proof that Rush has fallen. It’s like Al Gore’s climate change game: No matter what happens, it’s evidence supporting his claims. Or maybe we should call them “frustratingly unfulfilled fantasies.”

“Tweets translated”:

One thing is for certain:

Rent free.


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