The New York Post has reported ever-increasing numbers of “hipster urban farmers” who got in over their heads with the whole Green Acres thing. This has caused animal shelters to be over-filled with returned animals the “hipster farmers” couldn’t take care of:

Raising chickens in backyard coops is all the rage with nostalgia-loving hipsters but apparently the facial hair obsessed faux farmers often don’t realize that raising hens is loud, labor intensive work because animal shelters are now inundated with hundreds of unwanted urban fowl.

From California to New York, animal shelters are having a hard time coping with the hundreds of chickens being dropped off, sometimes dozens at a time, by bleary-eyed pet owners who might not have realized that chickens lay eggs for only two years but live for a decade or more.

The article prompted Iowahawk to ask a question:


How can you spot a “hipster farmer”? Many Twitter users were happy to help teach the world how to identify them:

Lastly, photographic evidence of the side-effects of hipster farming: