Judging from the Twitter reaction, it was worth mentioning.

In March it was announced that Twinkies would probably return to the market after a private equity firm purchased bankrupt Hostess Brands, but there was no exact date. It’s now official: The spongy yellow cake filled with creamy white … stuff … will be back on shelves in the middle of July. Twitter lit up with happiness from almost everybody except Mayor Bloomberg:




You don’t even have to like Twinkies to be excited about their return. That’s the beauty of Twinkies:

Sometimes investments don’t pan out, but hindsight is always 20/20:

The good news is that “investment” is still edible.

Every party needs a pooper:

There’s a lesson to be learned in all this:


#HostessShrugged: Conservatives brilliantly bid farewell to Twinkies

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