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NBC News Reports That a Human Leg Was Found 'Abandoned' in New York City and We Have Questions


Have you ever heard the phrase 'I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached'? Of course you have, it's a common phrase. The phrase it supposed to be symbolic, of course, not a literal description of something that can happen, which may come as news to the boys down at NBC news because they seem to be under the impression that human body parts can be simply abandoned or mislaid by absentminded people.


That's a weird way to phrase that, right? That seems like a weird way to phrase it to us. According to a statement given to NBC 4 New York by the NYPD, 

... the leg was found at about 1 p.m. ET on Saturday in the Concourse neighborhood of the Bronx, between 167th Street and 170th Street, on the line of the 4 train

Again, they all seem awfully cool with the fact that a dismembered human leg has been 'abandoned' on a random subway line.

You know how sometimes you'll accidentally leave your coffee on the top of your car before driving off and the coffee flies off the car and gets left behind in the street? We guess maybe it's like that, except it's a leg.


Given the way things have been heading in New York (especially on the Subway), this is probably in fact true.

Yes it is indeed.

It's just such a weird way to phrase it! Why, NBC, WHY?! Thankfully we can't imagine it'll be too hard for police to find the legs owner, there can only be so many newly one-legged people checking themselves into hospitals... assuming that the owner is still with us. Which in New York City ceraintainly isn't a sure thing; while the overall homicide rate was down in the Big Apples in 2023 it's still not nothing, and given the spike in assaults, stabbings and slashings things still aren't really moving in a good direction.


But... let's just hope that the legs owner is off somewhere getting himself fitted out for a new peg leg to complete his Long John Silver costume for next Halloween. That's a much nicer mental image than the alternatives.


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