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California Lt. Gov. Demands Donald Trump Be Removed From CA Ballot... And IMMEDIATELY Faceplants

Twitchy/UHF Meme

Honestly it was inevitable once the Colorado Supreme Court went and ruled that Donald Trump can't be on the ballot in their state that other states would take notice and attempt to follow suit. And, unsurprisingly, it was California that jumped in toot suite, with its state government likely kicking itself for having been beaten to the punch at this particularly attempted thumb in the eye to the campaign of the former President. 


Lt. Governor Elani Kounalakis isn't even subtle in what she wants to happen here and why, referencing the Colorado decision before launching into the usual lefty boilerplate diatribe about 'being on the right side of history' and how the stakes are 'the sanctity of our constitution and democracy'. Please.

For such an expert on the US Constitution Kounalakis certainly seems to not understand some pretty basic elements of it, as Commentary Magazine's editor John Podhoretz was quick to point out:

Yeah... that's a pretty glaring oversight. As noted over at, the requirement to be President are: 

Be a natural-born citizen of the United States, be at least 35 years old, have been a resident of the United States for 14 years


A fact that will doubtless not surprise you, since you probably paid a bit more attention in civics class than Lt. Governor Kounalakis did. But not to worry, about an hour later her office apparently dropped a corrected letter.

If at first you don't succeed, right? California government officials never cease to impress.

The finest that UC Berkeley has to offer right there.


No they don't, and apparently yes it is. But points for getting it right eventually ma'am!

If you're wondering why she's so hep to get herself noticed on this issue wonder no longer, by the way:

Because of course she is. Seeing as it's California she's probably a shoo-in too, they've never seemed overly interested in their politicians following the Constitution so not understanding the basic tenets of the thing shouldn't be too much of an issue. She can just make it up as she goes, right?

Of course the age thing isn't the only issue here, the whole exercise itself is extremely troubling.


Indeed it is. If you want the entirety of our governance being decided almost exclusively by residents of California and New York City with a little bit of input from the other Democratic run urban areas, by all means do away with the electoral college and let us be ruled by the 'tyranny of the majority'. 

This is such an epic faceplant on so many levels it's truly a sight to behold. Democrats seem to be completely incapable of looking even a year or two into the future at what the logical end result of their actions on these sorts of matters will be. We have to assume that they feel so secure in their complete dominance of academia and the media that they think that if the Republicans try to pull the same stunts against them they'll be able to shut it down using these levers of power, but those levers aren't quite as powerful as they once were. What they're doing is deepening divisions in the American electorate and, in a way, actively helping Donald Trump to make the case that 'they're out to get him' by constantly being entirely open in their efforts to get him. It's incredibly bad for everyone involved, but they seem to be so entirely entrapped by their own Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can't see it... which needless to say is not a good place to be. Like it or not if we're ever going to come back to any semblance of working order in this country we'll need to find a way for the two parties to trust each other enough to work together, but every time these partisan hacks pull a stunt like this it becomes harder and harder to see how that ever happens.


Not to be too gloomy or anything.


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