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John Harwood Doesn't Understand Why the Media Isn't Telling People How Great Things Are Going

Townhall Media

Why is Biden doing so poorly in the eyes of the public, as seen through the endless polls showing a huge amount of the electorate disapproves of the job that he's doing? There must be a reason, after all, when you have 538 showing a 38.8% approval vs. a 55.5% disapproval, right? Is it because Biden objectively is doing a bad job? No that can't be it, says John Harwood. It's because the media isn't selling what a great job Joe Biden is doing hard enough, you see!


Yeah, that's the ticket. The media has been so incredibly hostile to Joe Biden, right? How he manages to put up with the slings and arrows unjustifiably thrown against him on a daily basis is unfathomable!


Harwood actually popped back into the thread to try to defend his initial take, but it didn't help his case much.


Ah yes, journalists. Notably reluctant to say nice things about Democrats in general and Joe Biden specifically, so deep is their abiding love and affection for all things Republican. Whatever Harwood is smoking must be potent. Does anyone believe that if there were actually good things to report on these that 99% of the journalism community wouldn't jump at the chance to crow about how great Democratic governance has been? As it is they try to pump up every small achievement that Biden appears to have 'accomplished', no matter how mundane and, in many cases, straight up incorrect. Rememer how they tried to polish that 'Bidenomics' turd? Woof.


It definitely took some chutzpah for Harwood to tweet this out, you've gotta admit.

There was a time when journalists were respected, and it's always an open question whether they were respected because they actually acted respectably or if the American people just didn't notice that they were being gaslit the entire time; where you fall on that question is up to you. But one thing is for certain: If journalists ever cared about being objective umpires of 'balls and strikes' those days are long behind us, and now we're left with only active partisans on traditional media platforms. And may God have mercy on our souls.


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