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AP was tipped off on Susanna Gibson story early last week and quashed it

Artist Angie

The Daily Wire reports they have seen direct evidence that the Associated Press was tipped off about the online escapades of Susanna Gibson, but rather than publish the story they sat on it. Readers of Twitchy will know Gibson well at this point as a Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates and erstwhile Chaturbate adult film merchant. 


So not only did the AP choose to sit on the story, they INFORMED Gibson of the tip, allowing her ample time to scrub as many videos as she could from the site between then and September 11th, when The Washington Post broke the story.

Is there any depth those in the big media houses won't sink to try to head off scandal for their preferred political party and its candidates? Apparently not.

This is in reference to the revelations about Gibson's openness to making videos of... well, you should read Sam J.'s article on that (Hey DEMS, about that pee tape? --> VA Dem Susanna Gibson's story just got worse ... if that's possible – Twitchy)


Probably one of the most consistently relevant screenshots in circulation, without question.

When The Washington Post comes out looking like iron bulwarks of journalistic integrity you know that your organization has strayed off mission. Someone needs to lose their job at the AP, ASAP.


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