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Harvard Obama clip: Breitbart's Big Government team vs. Buzzfeed

This afternoon Ben Smith speculated on twitter that his site, Buzzfeed, had obtained a video that the late Andrew Breitbart had said he planned to release before the 2012 election which contained information damaging to President Obama. After hearing about the release Breitbart’s Big Government wrote an article criticizing Buzzfeed’s video as edited. Big Government claimed that the tape was edited, either by the Buzzfeed’s source or Buzzfeed themselves, to protect President Obama.



Ben Smith was not happy with this criticism and took to twitter to voice his anger.




However, many conservatives took issue with Ben Smith’s defense of his site’s latest video including everything their source had given them. The problem with Smith’s defense, according to his critics, is that he did not apply it to Andrew Breitbart’s release of a source’s video on Shirley Sherrod. In fact, Smith specifically attacked Breitbart for not appearing to seek the full video as, he hoped, “most reporters would have”. He even said the publishing of the video created a “growing credibility problem” for the Breitbart sites.




Ben Smith apparently did not understand the criticism however and responded to conservative videographer James O’Keefe:



O’Keefe replied back to Smith saying:


Stay tuned.


Related: Who is Harvard radical Derrick Bell? Ezra Dulis fills you in:



Programming reminder: Breitbart.com Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak and Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro will appear on The Sean Hannity Show on Fox News Channel tonight at 9pm Eastern to tell the whole story.

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