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Are Trans Activists in a Hate Movement, or Just Vulnerable Victims of Oppression? You Decide

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

After yet another news story of a transgender shooter, this time killing his parents, was circulated, people couldn't help but notice a pattern in the responses from trans activists in the replies.

Without exaggerating Walsh's observation, he was disturbingly correct.

That last one, argued to be a 'joke,' launched a swarm of mocking anime, furry and trans flag accounts into my mentions when I commented on it.

Here are just a few snippets.

The key takeaway here being a flurry of what leftwing activists think are rightwing responses dismissing shootings of their favorite hashtag celebrity criminals.

The story, a young trans-identifying man, walks into his parents' home and opens fire killing his elderly parents, is just a jumping point for leftwing mocking and political commentary.

You might notice several Palestinian flags too. That isn't a coincidence.

The online trans activist movement and the pro-Palestinian movement have merged together, seemingly with the goal of swarming anyone identified as Jewish or critical of any trans person. It reminds me of the pre-Trump days when hordes of frog avatars attacked people over anything they could mock, like little gangs of adolescent boys being as cruel and obnoxious as possible.

Today the angry, hostile 'incels,' are trans activists.

Maybe it's the same group.

However, this has been an ongoing trend for some time, and it isn't just in America. Trans activists have mutated online into excessively hateful, violent and aggressive bullies, with the full support and protection of European governments and social media policies.

They are a protected class, viewed as oppressed and vulnerable, and somehow always the victims, despite their public abusive behavior.

Their values have shifted from advocacy to hostile attacks and threats with complete immunity, which only fuels their sense of entitlement and pushes the limits of their obscenity.

What is most disturbing is the continuous flow of overt threats anyone labeled a 'TERF,' or a Zionist receives with absolutely no consequences.

The trans activist movement has become a hate movement, filled with people hiding behind cartoon avatars, exclusively engaging in abusive behavior and celebrating violence against their accused enemies. Feeling justified and finding an online environment that welcomes and amplifies their behavior and bigoted attitudes. 

Everything the media has warned about rightwing extremism online is currently expressed by trans activists, and no one in charge seems willing to admit it.



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