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You're the REASON Life is Unaffordable! Extreme Hakeem Jeffries Says Dems Are HELPING Americans

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

Normally Democrat House Leader, Hakeem Jeffries says absolutely nothing at all with his endless meaningless slogans. He posts some vague, nothing nonsense on Twitter/X and Democrats swoon, while the rest of us barf.


But today he decided to spice things up, making the bold claim that Democrats are fighting to make life more affordable while MAGA Republicans only care about supporting Trump.


Hold up a second Hakeem, did you just say Democrats are fighting to make life more affordable?


Democrats really do think that passing a bill called, The Inflation Reduction Act, should be enough to convince Americans everything is ok. But we still go to the grocery store.


Maybe if we get another credit card and put all our purchases on it, we'll save money!

But Biden tweeted again that inflation was DOWN and the economy has never been better. He TWEETED you guys.


You guys just haven't let the Inflation Reduction Act kick in yet, you gotta vote for Biden again to see the full effects!

No matter how much they boast and try to convince us things are getting better, everyone knows it isn't true. The economy is something everyone experiences. It isn't something politicians can easily hide or cover up.

Too bad Extreme Hakeem doesn't get that and thinks he can shame Americans by calling them 'MAGA,' instead of actually working to lower the cost of living for everyone.

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