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That's Not How This Works. Dem Strategist Keith Edwards Whines Over SCOTUS Power He Doesn't Understand


The left is always outraged over political things they don't understand. For example, every Supreme Court decision inspires them to remind the country they have no idea what the Supreme Court actually does.


Enter Keith Edwards, self-proclaimed Democratic strategist and 'social guru,' who is big mad that he doesn't quite get what the job of the SCOTUS fully entails.

Oh, honey.

Where to begin. Let's see, first of all, we don't. The SCOTUS doesn't make life-altering decisions for Americans. It determines if law meets the criteria of the Constitution and if not, sends it back to Congress or the states to make better law.


Basically, the left thinks the SCOTUS is there to impose their will onto the people. Naturally when the court rules against them, they assume it must be politically motivated.

No, it usually just means the law is deeply flawed and unconstitutional.

Oh no, when the court rules in their favor they are honoring the people.

They think the President is a king who can just sign Executive Orders for whatever they want done and the SCOTUS is an absolute authority to impose progressive rulings to 'better' society.


This is a great reason to oppose judicial activism, including making up new constitutional rights that aren’t in the constitution. 

It was only because the Supreme Court made up a right to abortion that this was true with abortion. Going forward you will not have to worry about that very much. From now on, we get to make these rules in state legislatures which are more democratic, and accountable. 

The more of the Supreme Court gets out of the policy making business, the better. 

And yet I get the feeling that you don’t like my solution …

Sadly, the education system has deeply failed about half of the population who just can't quite figure out how our system of government is supposed to work.

Of course, none of this matters to activists like Keith who just filters all inconvenient facts through this MAGA FOX NEWS glasses and only sees himself winning the argument.


Everything the left wants done should be done by Congress and they never seem to get that. They file lawsuits and get judges to grant their wishes and eventually the Supreme Court smacks them down because they refuse to follow the rules.

Then they get mad and demand the system isn't fair.

Repeat over and over.

They just never stop embarrassing themselves.


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