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Next They'll Accuse the US of Genocide! MN House Candidate Declares Deporting Illegals 'Ethnic Cleansing'


Lunatic Leftwing Democratic candidate for the Minnesota House, Wil Stancil, has upped his hysterical rhetoric to assert, wait for it, enforcing immigration laws is 'ethnic cleansing.'

That's right folks, ethnic cleansing.

Well, at least he's keeping the discussion professional and calm.

Where to even begin.

If you think this is just one idiot spouting conspiracy theories, apparently he's not alone.

Having laws about who can come into the country is EXACTLY like Nazi Germany you guys!

Also, notice he can't quite decide if the US will be 'ethnically cleansing,' 20 million people or not. It is somehow a rightwing conspiracy number and a cruel reality at the same time!

Again, enforcing immigration laws is a 'crime against humanity.'

Imagine the terror of people being given free plane tickets back to their home country and advised to file for immigration the proper way, like every legal immigrant manages to do.

Oh, the horror!

It's almost like the left is facing consequences for their insane and reckless policies again!

How do you even begin a conversation with someone this ideologically extreme? He could become a lawmaker. This lunatic could become an actual representative in Minnesota.


He wants to emotionally bully you into being silent. Who wants to be accused to crimes against humanity, right? But fortunately, it won't work. No amount of howling and angry, desperate accusations will impact views on illegal immigration. It isn't an extreme policy and every other country on the planet regularly enforces their own immigration laws.

Remember, President Obama deported more people than Trump did, and he wasn't accused of ethnically cleansing the country. The left has truly jumped the shark with their rhetoric. Everything is the worst thing that has ever happened and all of humanity will suffer and die as a result!

'You'd need freight trains to carry people to camps.'

All of this over flying them back to their home country. You know, exactly like the Nazis did.

Besides, despite this wild, insane fantasy, it will never happen anyway. The government isn't going to go 'kicking down doors,' to drag 20 million people into black vans, never to be seen again.

Illegals will be sent court orders, go before an immigration judge, with free legal representation, then given travel accommodations to their home country. Oh, the humanity.

It isn't even an unjust law. Just a basic, standard legal procedure to regulate entry into the country. Every country does this. An American can't just walk into Mexico and stay as long as they want either.

It truly is astonishing the mind of the leftwing progressive. They eagerly demand life in prison for political enemies found guilty of minor financial violations, but faint at the very thought of sensible enforcement of something as horrific as immigration law.

And this could be a lawmaker in our country.



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