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That's YOUR Job. Dem Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Gets Reminded 'Dark Money' Isn't in Charge of Making Law

Dr. Evil meme

Picture another Friday afternoon on Capitol Hill, hearing loud ranting and peeking outside your office to see Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wildly waving his arms around shouting about rightwing conspiracies to an empty hallway.


That must be the life of every Democrat.

Whitehouse, who has somehow been advancing through public office for the last 31 years, is known for his lunatic ravings about 'dark money.'

Today is no different.

That's just it, County Club towel boy, Congress didn't act and the Supreme Court had to shut down this unconstitutional abuse of power to remind you of your job.


Oh no, it's much easier to just rant and rave over conspiracy theories and blame 'radicals' on the Supreme Court for insisting Congress do its job.

Basically, yes. Whitehouse and all the other howling Democrats know anti-gun laws are unpopular and it risks their future elections. They don't want to have to answer any questions on TV. It's easier to let a federal agency or the President do it, and then pretend to be protectors of the people fighting a corrupt SCOTUS when it's shut down.


Well that's why he and all his Democratic friends are marching out into the street screaming the world is ending. They know the average Democratic voter has absolutely no idea how laws are made or what the Supreme Court actually does.

Democrats like Whitehouse have made a political career out of angrily denouncing Republicans for everything they were supposed to be doing themselves all along.

If Whitehouse and his buddies want to ban bump stocks, then propose a law that complies with the Constitution and pass it.

That's what they get paid to do.


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