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Oops. White Liberal DRAGGED for Pretending to Be a Black Guy to Prove Racism Is Real

Oh No Popcorn meme

Sometimes you just have to trust the universe and allow it to provide.

Meet Sam Forster, liberal journalist and newly minted expert on the black American experience.


Let that soak in a bit.


A white guy in blackface, presenting himself as a black man to prove how racist Americans really are.

Oh, honey.

You see, part of the left's obsession with race is the relentless, well, obsession with race. White liberals can only be so antiracist before they hit a virtue ceiling. Gotta level up somehow. The next best option is to dress up as a minority and go around looking for proof of how awful other white people are.


What could go wrong?

How to lose your entire political and ideological social group in seven days, right?


The best part is you know he has been eagerly awaiting showers of praise and validation for how brave and courageous he is.


What do you expect poor white liberals to do?

Victimhood is such a valuable commodity, sometimes you just gotta wear a minority costume and LARP your way through America until you can find some of your very own!

You almost feel sorry for the guy. He spent a solid year doing what he likely thought would be the most profound thing anyone has ever done in the history of the world and would be revered as a progressive hero.

The book comes out on May 30th.

Good luck, Sammy.

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