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Wait, So Is This a Good or a Bad Thing? Rep. Cori Bush Brags Evil GOP Money SUPPORTED Dem Campaign


Whether you love laughing at her or cringe at everything she says or does, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush never fails to be unnecessarily confusing.

She's been on a rage campaign against AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), for months now, claiming they are using GOP money to undermine Democratic campaigns. Somehow, at the same time, these efforts to 'buy votes,' doesn't work on THEIR courageous and brilliant base, though!


Which begs the question of why she's mad in the first place.

So, just to level-set here.

AIPAC, where Democratic leaders have been attending and speaking for decades, including President Obama and President Biden, as well as DNC leaders, is explicitly trying to prevent progressive Democrats of color from being elected  .. by supporting other Democratic candidates.


How is the extremist GOP megadonors and far-right billionaires involved again?




There it is. Bush and her 'sister' Lee are just mad their anti-Israel politics are simply too extreme for even fellow Democrats to support.

Yeah, Bush can't quite decide if her base is too smart for these rich Jews to influence with their money or if she's losing because she's being unfairly targeted by GOP extremists!


We need to get money out of politics, but look how much money Democrats have raised, proving the voters love them, as long as we stop GOP extremists from buying votes! Those evil AIPAC tactics won't stop THIS progressive woman of color from getting elected, despite obscene money being used to support MY PROGRESSIVE OPPONENT OF COLOR.


Makes perfect sense.

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