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'You're Gonna Get a Knock on Your Door.' Ranting Trans Activist Threatens Lawsuits Against Critics

'Go out and buy a gun. If you try to stop me from going into a woman's bathroom, it'll be the last mistake you ever make. Yeah I'm that person, and I stand by every #&$^% word of it.'


Raving lunatic trans activist gets mad that people took the above quote to be him threatening violence. Weird huh. He complains that he got, 'a lot of people hating me for absolutely no reason whatsoever.'


Well now he's on a new mission to sue anyone who ever 'defamed,' him, including a list of rightwing and conservative celebrities like Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and of course, Chaya Raichik, which he refers to as a chia pet, for some reason.


He demands, 'People calling me a 'pedo,' as long as I can find out who you are and where you live, you're gonna get in trouble, you're gonna get a knock on your door for that.'

Regarding using the women's restroom, 'No one has ever #&%^$ stopped me. No one. No one will ever $&$^#* stop me.'

'If you're gonna slander and defame my character and my name, you're gonna owe me a %^$&# check in the long run, and I'm gonna get that #^$&% check.'

Very stable, lovely person.


Leftwing activists in particular, but lots of trans activists seem to think they are simply immune from consequences for making open threats on the internet.

Why would women feel uncomfortable with wonderfully tolerant individuals like this throwing their weight around to get their way.


This is why so many women are carrying . We aren’t safe anywhere.  So many trans women are AGP males who are extremely misogynistic. They feel entitled to force women to participate in their fetishes.  These narcissistic males get very aggressive when women challenge them.  We recognize the threat, and have prepared.

Obviously, the best way to win social acceptance is to imply violence towards anyone who gets in your way and then threaten to sue anyone who stands up to you.

Winning strategy.

Super tolerant.

Much inclusion.

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