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Oh Look, ANOTHER LGBTQ Celebration Day. GLAAD Declares 'Nonbinary Parents Day'


If one thing is true about our culture, it's that we just don't recognize and celebrate LGBTQ people enough. The marginalized and vulnerable population just needs more visibility!

In April, GLAAD recognizes

  • April 6: International Asexuality Day
  • April 10: National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • Third Friday of April: Day of Silence
  • April 18: National Transgender HIV Testing Day
  • April 18: Nonbinary Parents Day
  • April 26: Lesbian Visibility Day

Apparently, it's been quite a weekend, being a 'Day of Silence,' (if only], National Transgender HIV Testing Day and ... Nonbinary Parents Day.

Wait what?

This is a thing, it seems. Planned Parenthood also marks the celebration saying,

Just as we honor Mother's Day in May and Father's Day in June, let's celebrate and honor nonbinary parents by saying thank you for:

  • Defying gender stereotypes, traditional gender roles, and the gender binary; this encourages your kids to explore their own interests, personality, and identity — free from the constraints of gender
  • Modeling gender diversity in parenthood, which can inspire people to explore more ways to be a parent
  • Creating safer, affirming homes and communities: you’re not only increasing young people’s self-confidence and their ability to be who they are, but you’re also nurturing a kinder and more compassionate community, which can help cut down on bullying and discrimination

Alrighty then.

Planned Parenthood advises all parents to, 'Talk about the existence of nonbinary people and parents with your kid. Make sure they know that not all parents are a mom or a dad, and that not all people are boys or girls.'

Which, as you might imagine, seems to throw a bit of a hefty wrench into the whole transgender push. If we are supposed to be devaluing the idea of gender stereotypes, why are 'trans' kids, 'affirmed,' with them? Being 'free from the constraints of gender,' seems to conflict with the absolute adherence to gender norms in dress, pronouns and cosmetic surgeries trans activists argue is socially and medically necessary.

'Challenging the gender binary helps everyone break free from gender roles that can limit our ability to be our full selves — especially in how we show up as parents.'


So, everyone is nonbinary now? Doesn't that kind of diminish the importance of Nonbinary Parents Day?

Speaking of narcissism.

How is pretending you don't have a sex a new way to be a parent? I thought parenting was about raising children and not all about the validation of the parent.

What really matters is that your kids do everything in their power to affirm your identity, mom. Wait, no, what do you call a nonbinary parent exactly? 'Dear Caregiver?'

A generation of adults who think the entire world revolves around them and kids are just another prop to use for their own self-esteem.

The joke, of course, being that completely average heterosexual women want to be special too so they cut their hair and call themselves 'nonbinary.'

I mean, how many nonbinary parents could there possibly be?

To be clear, almost all the nonbinaries are just lesbians who don't want beards.

Sort of like, 'Asexual Awareness Day,' which there are somehow three celebration days for, it all seems kind of pointless, right?

'Come celebrate my not being something!'

This is what liberalism looks like without a conservative barrier to keep it in check. It just keeps going.

Happy LGBTQ Needs Attention Again Day/Week/Month everyone!


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