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So Brave, So Courageous. Stephen King Tries Playing Both Sides of the Iran Attack on Israel and LOSES

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

How do you manage to condemn Iran for launching hundreds of missiles at a liberal democracy out of obscene genocidal Jew hatred while not upsetting your antisemitic, anti-Israel lefty friends?


Stephen King, world renowned political genius, carefully worded his personal opinion on Iran's attack to appease all sides and, sadly, failed.

Ah yes, the good ol' standby of dismissing attacks on Israel as ancient conflicts over what the Bible says. It's all about religious superstition you see. If everyone would just be sensible like King, none of this would ever be an issue!


For the left, the Israel issue always comes down to two answers.

1) Israel is a white supremacist colonialist power oppressing the helpless Palestinians after stealing their land

2) Crazy religious nuts fighting over 2,000-year-old arguments over who God gave land to

They really can't see anything else. It's either filtered through their CRT worldview or it's filtered through their anti-Christian worldview.


Yeah, the world was a peaceful paradise before those Christians showed up.

Well, most liberals never have to explain their beliefs because their fellow liberals always nod in agreement, as long as the right people are being insulted or blamed. Stephen just has to smugly mock religious people and their insane beliefs and all his liberal friends laugh and applaud.

He's never had to give it much more thought than that.

Yeah, he thought this was the safest route to take. He didn't mention any specific religion or ideas. It's all those superstitious lunatics out there. His followers know he meant Christians like George Bush, though. Obvi.


Too bad the new generation of liberals isn't buying it.


Sorry Stephen, you can't play both sides any longer. The left demands conformity and unfortunately, you're white and rich, so your opinion doesn't count anyway.

Good try, though.

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