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'You're a Professor ... of LAW,' Leftwing Professor and Disinformation Author Spreads Disinformation


It can be said everything the left claims others are guilty of, they openly do themselves. Yet another highly influential leftwing activist proves the saying right again.


Barb McQuade is a Michigan Law School professor and author of an upcoming book titled, Attack from Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging America, no really.


Oh, details.

Nevermind that, Barb has a narrative to preserve! In response to the quote from the report on Biden's willful actions:

So, she's just not going to answer the question, huh.


They'll always find a way to be right. They'll never acknowledge evidence or facts that prove them wrong, and they'll always walk away smugly declaring victory.

Unfortunately, far too many have the power and influence to make this a serious and concerning issue.


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