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'Jews Get Blamed for EVERYTHING.' Journalist Ponders if Israel and American Hostage Posters are Just BAIT

Journalism meme

Maybe people are putting up posters of Jewish and American hostages held by Hamas because they want to create awareness or maybe it's to, *checks notes, bait people into tearing them down so pro-Israel supporters can cancel them!




We haven't seen that old chestnut in a while. Sometimes when the left just can't spin the narrative any longer, they come out with, 'well you're CAUSING the bad behavior by baiting them into it!'

Couldn't possibly be the fault of the sociopaths tearing down the posters.


From the article:

'Now some are wondering if the posters are being strategically placed to entrap those who tear them down, many of whom support the Palestinian people.'

The sharp investigative reporter continues.

'Public calls to preemptively put up “kidnapped” posters in areas where Palestinian protests will occur have begun to appear online. At the Cooper Union, a college in lower Manhattan, a rally advocating for a ceasefire was countered by blown-up versions of the “kidnapped” posters, which were also taped to the ground facing the ceasefire demonstrators. 

Another rally for Palestine was countered by a rally called “Stand with Israel and Against Terrorism,” where demonstrators held up “kidnapped” posters while calling pro-Palestine demonstrators terrorists. At that rally, a table was set up behind the Zionist side with a thick stack of posters available for people to take home.'

Wouldn't want those protesters to have to face such inconvenient facts about what they are supporting, now would we.


Imagine that.

Why can't the left just be allowed to say whatever they want without having their arguments challenged? Hasn't anyone thought of the poor protesters who have to look at those posters and possibly question their own beliefs?

Oh, the humanity.


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