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Meme screenshot

The key argument of the trans/gender queer movement for nearly a decade now has been, a person is whatever they identify as.

A transwoman is a woman, right?

Well, a bunch of men, assumed to be gender typical by bigots, most likely, decided to exercise their rights and attend a 'women in tech' conference claiming to be nonbinary.


The reaction is just too delicious.

The Organization's CIO, Cullen White, had THIS to say.

'This is supposed to be a joyous event that centers around you. Yesterday it became clear that a far greater number of cisgender men than anticipated. Some of you lied about your gender identity when you registered. ... You did so because you thought you could come here and take space to get a job.

We need male allies.

We need men who want to celebrate women.

Who want to work with and FOR women.

*crowd breaks into cheers and applause


A few of you took discounted academic tickets from women who need them.

All of those are limited resources which you have no right!'

Hold the phone.

That is a lot of transphobia going on! What does he mean they have no right? Suddenly women have a right to specific resources exclusively for them? What madness is this?!



Except, there appear to be rules that are obvious to everyone. Like a standard way to be nonbinary.

Progressivism always has consequences.

Some of us have been encouraging generic LGBTQ self-ID for YEARS for this exact reason. *hair flip


That's how the game works now.

When conservatives warned that bathroom choice based on self-ID would lead to predators exploiting the system, the left mocked us. If a person identifies as trans, they ARE trans, we were repeatedly told.

Oh. All of a sudden ...


At the end of the day, this is what the left has created. To be fair, the original poster of this video identifies as someone generally opposed to trans/gender ideology. However, the video, the conference leader, the commentors and so forth are all from a leftwing perspective suddenly shocked and betrayed that such a thing could happen!

Dudes will be dudes.

Create unfair, ridiculous new social rules and dudes will find a way around them.

The Patriarchy always wins!


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