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'That's a gender message': Lunatic trans activist dr explains how barrettes determine gender or something


We're constantly told that trans people have always known they were trans, even as toddlers. How that is determined, however, is a bit of a speculative mystery. Never fear, Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, co-author of the APA’s Gender Affirmative Model — An Interdisciplinary Approach to Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Children and psychologist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, is ready to give the deets!


'I have a colleague who is transgender, and there is a video of him as a toddler, so he was assigned female at birth, so there is a video of him as a toddler, tearing barrettes out of then-her hair and throwing them on the ground and sobbing. That's a gender message.'

Ok, what now?

Remember, this woman co-authored the official standards the medical community uses to treat gender issues in children.


Let's go through that again.

A toddler didn't like having clips in her hair and that means she knew, through some yet-unnamed supernatural force, she was really a boy?



Toddlers must be taught quite literally everything yet this one topic they hold absolute awareness on through instinct?

What exactly are the guidelines here?

The gender binary doesn't exist, except for children in which it is unverisal and absolute.


This isn't the blathering of some TikToker in their car, this is a leading voice in the field of medicine.

No, sorry. Your child is attempting to communicate with you through complex psychic paths to indicate the true nature of their soul via the medium of hair clips.

Quick! Someone call a Gender Whisperer to help decode the secret message toddlers are trying to send their parents!


Obviously if your child rejects the slightest of gender norms for their sex, it's time to put them on the wait list for puberty blockers. They couldn't be clearer in their communication. Children know.

Children KNOW.


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