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'Spoiled child demanding chicken nuggies for all meals': Sean Davis obliterates Frat Boy Fetterman

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Everyone likes being comfortable, at home, on a relaxing walk, and even working from home. However, is it really too much to just put on a pair of pants to help lead the nation as a senator?



It's not like Fetterman needs to be in full best-man attire, but really, a dirty hoodie and no socks? *shudders*

They'd probably think a tourist got lost.

Maybe this is how PA voters like their politicians.


'Dress for the job you want,' has been downgraded.

It could be bigger than Fetterman if that's possible ...

Going from having a beer with your favorite politician to buying him one because he forgot his wallet at home?


Well, you say that.


Dress young, feel young?

The Senate does represent the states so ...

Maybe we should be modernizing the dress code for Congress to reflect a more relaxed sense of style. No ties perhaps. But seems like if you could be confused for a homeless person who accidentally wandered in, maybe it's a step too far.

The question is, why is Fetterman so important to change decades of standards? 

Where are his chicken nuggies?!


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