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'The correct response is laughter’: Seth Dillon gives his best dad advice on how to deal with trans stuff

It seems all anyone talks about anymore is trans this and trans that. It has consumed the cultural conversation and for many, the time for being nice and quiet is over.


So, who else but Babylon Bee's CEO Seth Dillon to give some great dad advice on how to deal with the topic when it comes up and not lose your mind or your temper?

There was a time when the best response was polite dismissal or to simply change the subject. But we just can't afford to look the other way any longer. Tolerance goes both ways, but sadly trans activists have taken the 'opt-out' approach away from us so …

Looks like the people agree.

Logic rarely works, but this is also good.


This might be even better!

It might even help with all of this nonsense, if everyone does it enough.

It's only a matter of time.

Pesky facts.

Creative! Let's add it to this list.

Excellent practical example of when we all should just laugh.


No, men cannot become women. They can live as women, act like women, have their body surgically altered to look like women, and make horrendous hair and clothing choices, *coughs, but they cannot become women. It is a concept so ridiculous no other human in all of human history could respond in any other way.

Laugh with us!

It's the only solution to this madness!

Thank you, Seth, the Babylon Bee certainly makes the job easier!


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