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Dad is just doing his best? VERY creepy trans 'gender reveal' viral video ends up being all about dad


The creepy factor seems to have no ceiling when it comes to the creative ways trans activists come up with to promote their worldview. Gender reveal parties have their own iceberg of creepiness to explore, but the trend of trans teens and adults popping out of boxes to reveal their new gender is ... beyond.


Unfortunately for this particular dad, who is clearly trying his best to be supportive, the cringe can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Every parent wants the best for their child and in 2023, that often means standing by while they make possibly the worst choices of their lives for internet fame and validation. Mom certainly seems on board, who did the trans kid go to first? Poor dad though:

Hopefully, his forced smile will be enough to earn him some mercy later on.

Lots of people empathize with the father, but not in the way the video hopes to portray.


Being a supportive parent has its limits and this poor father may just be at his. At least the mom seems happy, maybe she's been the cheerleader all along.

Guessing it's too late to turn back now.

Dads in 2023 be like:

We can only hope.

Being a parent is tough, especially today when your son can come home and announce he's dramatically changing his entire life, will never have kids of his own, and needs you to call him your 'daughter' from now on. What father wouldn't have a difficult time with this, let alone struggle to play his role in a video he knows will be seen by absolutely everyone he knows?


Acceptance and love are great ideas kids, but maybe give Dad some space to figure things out on his own. We'll keep you in all our hearts and prayers brother! Good luck.


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