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'I love it too ': Megyn Kelly FLIPS the idiotic 'transphobic' Posie Parker rally narrative

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

As usual, LGBTQ activists simply could not contain their rage that someone they disagree with was allowed to speak in public. 

Posie Parker, a feminist activist in Britain, and founder of Standing For Women, had the audacity to hold a public event, so naturally LGBTQ activists decided to show up to 'protest.' #LetWomenSpeakDublin


Megyn Kelly was having none of it.

Now that's how you flip a narrative on its head!

Women across the political spectrum shared the same sentiment.

But first, did everyone notice the 'Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism,' flag at this ''protest' in Doyle's photo?

He might have been exaggerating things a tad.

Even if he's not ...


Do they even know what they're protesting?

It's always beneficial for straight men to step in and keep the gays and ladies in line.

They're not wrong.


It really seems like the LGBTQ/pro-trans activists don't know what they are actually protesting or supporting.

All that matters is they waved flags around and chanted. Doyle put in a 'love wins' hashtag and everyone gets to feel like they accomplished something. Trans Lives Matter or something. 

No one quite knows what the problem is, but they are certain that the loud, mean lady is to blame!

Meanwhile, women can't organize a simple event to discuss women's rights without being mobbed by activists trying to silence them and shame them off the streets. 'Transphobia!', 'Bigotry!', 'Hate!', 'The mean lady keeps talking!!'






Wait ... We got off-topic. What's happening? What is everyone protesting again?

As usual, Megyn is right on the mark. Women deserve the right to speak on women's issues without being mobbed and plenty of women across the political spectrum agree!

Sorry, straight guy, they DON'T need your permission.


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