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'How is that legal?' --> Climate protestors block Citibank in NYC to save the planet or something (watch)


The climate needs us and the law be gosh darned to the desert! We don't have time to follow any silly laws! Humanity's future is at stake! Blocking businesses is the ONLY way to *checks notes* stop the rotation of the Earth's crust or something.


The climate protestors don't know either, but they're very dedicated to being as obnoxious as possible about it.

Screaming, causing chaos, blocking public movement, it's all for the greater good. At least that's what they tell themselves.

Maybe this wasn't covered in their college Protest 101 class.

It is a mystery.

It does seem like we have all heard this somewhere before.

Obviously, their message of peaceful protest to save the planet by blocking businesses just isn't getting through.


One would think this would be obvious by now.

The more pressing question, however ...

It feels like the left, the media, the Democrats, and the proper authorities just don't care.

Environmental work does have its benefits. Imagine if they focused on things that didn't involve being obnoxious and violent.

Tell them that's how all the carbon is getting in!


At least these events confirm the absolute idiocy and nonsense of the left's climate cult for most regular Americans who just want to get on with their day. They may not be doing anything to actually save the planet from something that involves protesting banks, but at least they're spreading a great message! Not their message, OUR message, of how ridiculous this all is, but a message nonetheless!

Fight on brave climate warriors!


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