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DeSantis says what MOST are thinking --> Hey CBS: Gay is OK, but it doesn't belong in MATH class

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

LGBTQ activists could simply not contain themselves when they finally had the opportunity to be oppressed victims once again after several years of boring, and apparently debilitating, normalcy after gay marriage was legalized. When the Florida 'Don't Say Gay,' myth appeared like a siren out of the endless lake of victimhood, they didn't ask questions!


Conservatives have been fighting ever since to bring some basic common sense back into the conversation and finally, DeSantis laid it all out in perfectly reasonable and straightforward terms.

CBS reporter: 'But shouldn't they [LGBTQ kids] feel accepted in schools?'

DeSantis: 'Everyone should be accepted. 100%.'


Sorry Lefties, it doesn't get much more straightforward - or even gay-forward - than that. All kids deserve a quality education and there's really no need to involve relentless leftwing LGBTQ 'education' *cough propaganda cough* in every class.

We all know CBS was hoping for a better soundbite.

To DeSantis' point.


It's not like LGBTQ kids are being DENIED education as it is.

It really was a silly question.

More to the point.


LGBTQ kids don't need specialized education. They need to be treated just like everyone else. Equality is not excluding them or making them feel less accepted. On this topic, it seems, all Republican frontrunners agree.

Common Sense wins again!

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