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Of all Keith Olbermann’s daily reminders of how awful Lefty commentators were in the 2000s, one day every year truly stands out. Unable to control his need for the worst kind of attention, Olbermann decided that the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 was the perfect time to dig up his favorite long-lost pastime, hating President George W. Bush.


It was in response to Jake Wilkins, Comms for @Axios, who shared a special memory of a united America when President George W. Bush threw the first pitch at the Yankees game after 9/11. 

As one user commented to Wilkins:

Seeing a fellow Lefty take a moment to put politics aside and remember the brief moment when all Americans united together over our shared tragedy, however, was just too much. He had to correct such a horrendous error!

On a day that represents so much emotion, pain, and a longing for a united country, people just were not having it from Keith.


Also, an important reminder of history.

Although the Left seems to enjoy nothing more than taking culturally significant moments and turning them into personal political rants, seeing one of their own at least attempting to share positivity was certainly a moment of hope. Sadly, Olbermann just couldn’t DEAL. We must hate each other, and always remember why it’s so important to keep hating each other! RAR!

Still, despite many of his fellow Lefties joining in on the hate, lots of people chose to remember the good.


Keep hating Keith!


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