In case you haven’t been alive for the past week, commies, tourists, and trolls have been going out in droves to washed up homeless-looking Shia LaBeouf’s “art” project called, “He will not divide us.” (a.k.a. HWNDU).

Shia has kinda “lost it” since Transformers:

The project is in New York where Shia invites Trump-haters to stand in front of a camera and chant “He will not divide us” in unison over and over again. This is supposed to somehow, bring people together, stop Donald Trump, stop the building of a wall on the American/Mexican border, and heal the wounds left by slavery or something.

Here’s what it looks like when the liberals obey Overlord Shia:

Heck, even Will Smith’s daughter/son/gender-something showed up:

But the best part about it? The best part is when the Patriots, trolls, and Trump supporters show up to drop truth bombs and hog the camera:

You know what’s better than that, though? When tolerant peaceful liberals get arrested for assaulting people with different views. Here’s Shia himself punching someone in the face (#tolerance) and getting arrested on the HWNDU live feed:

But wait! There’s more!

The latest development happened last weekend when, despite all the rhetoric and liberal lunacy about walls being bad (even though walls aren’t self-aware and thus not capable of having evil dispositions) they actually put up a wall (well, barrier) around the HWNDU project:

The LibKEKS built a wall around /He will not divide us/ HAHAHAHAHAHAH from The_Donald

The irony never ends with the circus called progressivism.

They literally put up a wall to keep people out who aren’t like them. People who have differing opinions, religions, skin colors, and ideologies. They want to shut them down and keep them away from their safe space. This is pure, organic, grass-fed unadulterated hypocrisy folks.

Since Snowflake Shia put this circus into motion we’ve all learned two things:

  1. Trump won’t divide us (but, Shia will)
  2. Walls work (just ask Mr. Netanyahu)