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Adult fan steals Donald Driver's shoe from child at charity event; Packers WR responds

Here is just another sad example of the human race at its absolute worst. During Donald Driver’s charity softball game, the Green Bay Packers wide receiver and Dancing with the Stars champion tossed his cleat to a young fan, but some adult woman quickly snatched it away.


After hearing the story of what happened to the boy, Driver asked the world for more information on the kid so he could make things right.

We’ll all be happy to hear that Driver did in-fact connect with the boy and will be sending him a cleat along with a ton of additional memorabilia soon.

While that’s awesome to hear, nobody is going to forget the woman who stole the cleat in the first place. As you can expect, people are furious at the woman.



Seeing as the name of the adult female has leaked onto the internet, we’re assuming she won’t want to be seen in public again anytime soon.

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