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ESPN lies to viewers, #TebowFreeTV turns into a hoax

For weeks ESPN has been promoting #TebowFreeTV during its hit debate show “First Take.” Twitchy first followed the popular hashtag way back in April.


In case you don’t follow ESPN’s hit debate show First Take, sports analyst Skip Bayless has a HUGE huge crush on Tim Tebow. His love for Tebow even goes way beyond John Madden’s love for Brett Favre.

During the two-hour show, Bayless has a habit to always mention Tebow multiple times throughout several arguments. Not only has it started to get REALLY annoying, ESPN has turned it into a running joke. On Monday’s show the network ran a contest to see just how badly fans would love to see 24-hours of Tim Tebow free television.

The contest was a clear success and eventually led us to today when viewers were supposed to be treated to 24-hours of ESPN television without a single mention of Tim Tebow.

Guess what? ESPN lied to everyone.

Apparently the network decided to change the rules which allows everyone to talk about Tim Tebow except First Take’s Skip Bayless.


To be fair, not EVERYONE is disappointed with ESPN’s false advertising. Some fans of the show are happy to see Skip Bayless getting tortured by not being allowed to say Tebow’s name.


Some tweeps really couldn’t care less Tebow, but they loved having an opportunity to taunt the arrogant ESPN personality.

In the end, ESPN lying to viewers and turning #TebowFreeTV into non-stop Tebow talk apparently paid off. The hashtag remained a top worldwide trend for the better part of Wednesday.

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