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Twitter goes crazy for Jim Rome's annual 'Smack Off'; Update: Chael Sonnen wins!

Today is the day all of Jim Rome’s clones have been waiting for since last year! The 2012 Smack Off has arrived.

In case you have absolutely no idea what the heck we’re talking about, we did some research for you.


The Smack-Off is an annual competition on The Jim Rome Show, in which select listeners are invited to provide their best “smack talk”, with Rome and his show personnel determining the winner. It is held in mid-to-late spring and takes up the entire program on a Friday. The contest is a way to recognize the best callers to the show, as well as a means of determining the best caller of the year. Show host Jim Rome has referred to the Smack-Off as the most important show of the entire year.

The Smack-Off began in 1995 while The Jim Rome Show was still on local radio but has continued into syndication. To date, seventeen Smack-Offs have been held, the last on April 8, 2011.

Now that you know what we’re talking about, you can understand why #SmackOff was one of the top hashtags throughout the day on Friday. Here’s what went on:!/jimrome/status/203519385418203136!/jimrome/status/203522534568759297!/jimrome/status/203523988666847232!/jimrome/status/203524663752667136!/jimrome/status/203527756909256705!/jimrome/status/203530430811619328


In the meantime, here’s what others were tweeting during the event:!/BlueShortsLIFE/status/203501372342145024!/AndyJenksNBC12/status/203493144774451202!/jrrubinstein/status/203540737554526208!/mcditolla/status/203491535566798849!/Elfatcat/status/203550527169101824!/PerfectDayHB/status/203550939968315393!/PeepsMKE/status/203550557942718464!/Joey_Powell/status/203540110279577601

The 2012 #SmackOff is officially over!! For the first time in Smack Off history, a famous athlete has won the event! UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen has been crowned the champion!!


Jim Rome outright denies reports stating the event was fixed because an athlete won it.!/jimrome/status/203562806509977600!/jimrome/status/203563117278527488

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