The Falcons are agreeing to a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles which will send former New England Patriots stud cornerback Asante Samuel to Atlanta.

Andy Reid has been trying to deal Samuel for nearly two years now. Samuel isn’t the most coachable player in the NFL and the Eagles are loaded at the position. By the sound of things, Atlanta will be getting him really cheap, too.

It’s a win-win situation.!/antiTILUS/status/195131224493273090!/CashAddict58/status/195160095976472576!/TweetAddictAdam/status/195159965084811264!/Dboy_Scott/status/195159515728052224!/calebmoody75/status/195157005659422720!/ColtonDeano/status/195156967403163648!/pjseen410/status/195156078776954880!/jomamba_24/status/195155775964987392

UPDATE: The trade is now official.!/AdamSchefter/status/195204627451478016

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