NFL fans hoping to see another season of the New York Jets on HBO’s Hard Knocks will be delighted to hear that the Atlanta Falcans have turned down an appearance on the hit show.

Team officials say they want to focus on football without the offseason distraction of cameramen following them around everywhere they go.!/BBenvie/status/194045968784703488!/JackieMoonRU18/status/193971117248090112!/hendog108/status/193948155497287680!/MrDespicable/status/194046215049064449

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says it would be completely UNFAIR to the rest of the league if HBO offered the show to the New York Jets for another season even though Tim Tebow would undoubtedly shatter their rating record.!/SI_PeterKing/status/193893163847520256!/SI_PeterKing/status/193894095545049090

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