It has taken years, but Lindsay Lohan has finally been involved in another hit! No, not on the big screen and definitely not behind a microphone. (God help us if she’s still trying to sing.) This hit took place while she was sitting behind the wheel.

The “Mean Girls” actress, 25, accidentally hit the manager of a Hollywood bar just after midnight Wednesday – and then drove off, reported.

Lohan was seen leaving the Sayers Club in her new $80,000 Porsche when paparazzi and bystanders, including the manager of nearby Hookah Lounge, swarmed her car. As a result, the actress allegedly hit the manager and quickly drove off into the night.

We thought about piling on about how she has been an absolute train-wreck throughout the past few years, but then we thought why should we be the bad guys? We’ll just share your tweets instead. 😉!/tenderbitts/status/129269392843341824!/garytx/status/179942368609452032!/celebslam/status/179964555185766401!/popcultini/status/179944288694714369!/CharmedShesSure/status/179983748752883712!/SouthernSiren/status/179983206022516736!/RobZyo/status/179971259357081601!/joannasloame/status/179979019981295617